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Spanish for 9-1-1 Dispatch
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Unit 3: Emergency call

Lesson 3: Dangerous situations


Lesson 4: Assessing the situation


Lesson 5: Caller reporting a fire


Lesson 6: Reporting a vehicle incident


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 5: Gathering personal information

Lesson 1: Collecting information


Lesson 2: Personal facts


Lesson 3: Specific information


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 7: Date and time

Lesson 1: The days of the week


Lesson 2: The months of the year


Lesson 3: What day is it today?


Lesson 4: What time is it?


Lesson 5: Time related words


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 9: Clothing and physical features

Lesson 1: Describe the clothing


Lesson 2: What was he wearing?


Lesson 3: Describe the person


Lesson 4: What color hair?


Lesson 5: Did he have a scar?


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 12: Hot and cold. Words that are opposites

Lesson 1: Easy or difficult?


Lesson 2: Same or different?


Lesson 3: Together or alone?


Lesson 6: Before or after?


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 13: Illnesses a caller might have

Lesson 1: I have a backache


Lesson 3: I have pain in my chest


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 17: Diagnosing pain

Lesson 1: Where does it hurt?


Lesson 2: Tell me more about your pain


Lesson 3: What were you doing?


Lesson 4: What type of pain?


Lesson 6: Does this help?


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 18: Pregnancy

Lesson 1: Your medical history


Lesson 3: Are you pregnant?


Lesson 4: Have you been bleeding?


Lesson 5: Is this your first pregnancy?


Unit Review


Unit Test


Final Test

911/Dispatch Final


Corrections: Visitors and jail rules

Lesson 2: Visitors can't wear that


Lesson 3: Directions to inmate


Unit Review


Unit Test


Park Rangers: Fishing and hunting

Lesson 2: Fishing license


Lesson 3: Did you catch any fish?


Lesson 5: I need to see all the animals


Lesson 6: On the campground


Unit Review


Unit Test


Park Rangers: Animals and weather

Lesson 1: The snake is dangerous


Lesson 2: Animals in the wild


Lesson 4: Bugs and seasons


Lesson 5: Weather permitting


Unit Review


Unit Test


Police: It's the law

Lesson 1: In the courthouse


Lesson 2: Warrant for your arrest


Lesson 4: Investigating the crime


Lesson 5: Tell me the truth


Lesson 6: Don't touch the evidence


Unit Review


Unit Test


Police: Traffic violations

Lesson 1: You failed to stop


Lesson 2: You were swerving


Lesson 3: Can I see your insurance?


Lesson 4: Seatbelts are required


Lesson 5: License issues


Lesson 6: Issuing a ticket


Unit Review


Unit Test


Police: High risk traffic stop

Lesson 1: Where to pay for a ticket


Lesson 2: Keep your hands on the wheel


Lesson 3: Get out slowly


Lesson 4: Can you open your trunk?


Unit Review


Unit Test


Fire/EMS: Arriving at the scene of an accident

Lesson 1: Introducing myself


Lesson 2: Controlling the setting


Lesson 4: Do You Understand?


Lesson 5: You may wait here


Unit Review


Unit Test


Fire/EMS: Collecting personal information

Lesson 1: Who is the patient?


Lesson 2: Hostile situations


Lesson 3: What is your name?


Lesson 4: How much do you weigh?


Lesson 5: What is your address?


Unit Review


Unit Test


Fire/EMS: Instructions to patients

Lesson 1: It's important you listen


Lesson 2: Squeeze my hand


Lesson 4: Do you have any allergies?


Lesson 5: Are you chilled?


Unit Review


Unit Test


Fire/EMS: Transporting a patient to the hospital

Lesson 2: Taking you to the hospital


Lesson 3: We need to go right now


Lesson 4: Are you ready?


Lesson 5: I'm going to take blood


Unit Review


Unit Test


Fire/EMS: Arriving at a fire

Lesson 2: Is everyone out of the house?


Lesson 3: Stay behind the barricades


Lesson 4: Who saw what happened?


Lesson 6: Commercial structures


Lesson 7: Schools and churches


Unit Review


Unit Test


Miranda warning

Code Enforcement: City ordinance

Lesson 1: It's a city ordinance


Lesson 2: Your lawn needs more water


Lesson 3: Do you rent or own this house?


Unit Review


Unit Test


Code Enforcement: Animal control

Lesson 1: Vicious animals


Lesson 2: Please keep your dog quiet


Lesson 3: Did your dog bite someone?


Unit Review


Unit Test


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