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Community outreach with Spanish Training For Departments

Communicate much better in Chinese

My girlfriend is Chinese and speaks very little english. This course is helping us to communicate much better. Even though I have only completed the first three lessons I am having a lot of fun learning a new language. Also I feel very strongly that the Chinese people really appreciate it when you try your best to communicate with them in their language. My next challenge will be to try to increase my grammar skills. Also as a police officer many times we encounter people that don't understand the situation they find themselves in. One of my goals with this course, and the help of my friend, is that I will successfully take the department test as a Mandarin speaker. I will never be Chinese but I hope to be able to help those that I can that are here.

Gary, CA

I recommended this course

Great course!!! I recommended this course to two other people, so far, and they are going to sign up for your Healthcare program. They are both nurses and this class would be very helpful for them. Great price!

Julianne, MN

I like the format

I do retain the phrases I study, but there are items that I need to review more than others to retain. The items I am learning will translate into my daily business use and I like the format. I have used other Spanish learning programs and is like this the best. The pace of the course is perfect.

Thomas, CA

The class was very helpful

The class was very helpful. I have suggested this class to more people. I learned more Spanish words with this class. After all the failed classes in High School, I finally found the best way to learn a new language. THANK YOU!

Lee, MN

Work at my own pace

Yes, I'm enjoying the class. I find the format is suitable for my needs. I'm taking this course to meet the requirements for updating my certification. I also like the ability to work at my own pace and the games are a great way to develop my vocabulary.

Gwen, CA

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