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Spanish for Healthcare

Spanish for Healthcare

Conversational Spanish for Healthcare Professionals

This online Spanish for healthcare course is designed to help anyone in healthcare communicate and understand Spanish-speaking patients, family members and concerned friends. Effective communication is essential to providing high quality care. Learn how to quickly address job-specific issues like collecting medical history, comprehending symptoms, providing directions on medicine intake, gathering insurance information, making appointments, and much more. Understanding key Spanish phrases assures the health and safety of everyone involved. Spanish for healthcare is designed for nurses, doctors, hospital staff, medical technicians and health insurance representatives.

Students who complete 15 hours of training and achieve a 70% or higher on the online course assessments can request 1.5 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) from Clark College CCE for an additional fee. For more information or to request CEU’s please contact Clark College CCE at 360-992-2939.

¿Entiende Ud. español? If your answer to, "Do you understand Spanish?" is "no," get ready to be left behind. With the surge over the past decade in the Hispanic population in the United States, speaking Spanish is becoming more of a necessity than a choice in many parts of the country. From feedlot managers in Nebraska to New York City stockbrokers, Americans are scrambling to learn a language that is now spoken by many of the 35.3 million Hispanics in the United States.

Deborah Sharp, USA Today

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