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Community outreach with Spanish Training For Departments

Really helps cement all the vocab

It is fairly easy to retain all the vocab & phrases, especially when I play the games. They really help cement all the vocab & phrases. I would also say that I am learning all the vocab & phrases I will need as a police officer - I am even learning some good ones that I wasn't expecting! :) Since it is an online class, it is pretty easy to set my own pace so that I am learning at the right speed for me. So far I am cruising, but it's nice to know that I can come back to lessons & units that are more challenging & keep practicing until I master them. I have completed the first 3 units & am looking forward to working on the rest! God job setting up this course - it is a very useful tool for me.


I can learn in the evening

The class is great. I am learning the key phrases for my position. The course is at the right pace. It is helping me communicate with my patients and their parents. I thank you very much for coming up with a online workshop that works on my schedule. It was great I could do it in the evening.

Marva, Lakewood CO

I love this course

I love this course! I personally struggle with online courses in general but this online course blows them all out of the water. It is so easy for me to learn and that is saying alot.


Using the Spanish

I actually was able to use some of what I've learned to communicate with a Spanish speaking parent last week and it felt great! It wasn't perfect but I know she understood what I was saying. My fellow teacher thought I was great and suggested I could help out in a class of Spanish speaking children for the first couple of weeks of school. I told her I wasn't ready for all that yet. Baby steps. Lol. I was proud of myself though.



Thank you for your email, sorry for my late response. The course is wonderful, as I've struggle learning through out my life. It's very helpful, that I can go over each lesson several times. The games are great!!! I might take this course over again if I can't finish by February, but I feel your price for the class is very reasonable. I work in a school as an aid, so I'd like to take your "Spanish 1" class this summer, but thought the on-line class would help me get a little ahead, since I'm a slow learner.

Nancy, AZ

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