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Community outreach with Spanish Training For Departments

Using the Spanish

I actually was able to use some of what I've learned to communicate with a Spanish speaking parent last week and it felt great! It wasn't perfect but I know she understood what I was saying. My fellow teacher thought I was great and suggested I could help out in a class of Spanish speaking children for the first couple of weeks of school. I told her I wasn't ready for all that yet. Baby steps. Lol. I was proud of myself though.



Thank you for your email, sorry for my late response. The course is wonderful, as I've struggle learning through out my life. It's very helpful, that I can go over each lesson several times. The games are great!!! I might take this course over again if I can't finish by February, but I feel your price for the class is very reasonable. I work in a school as an aid, so I'd like to take your "Spanish 1" class this summer, but thought the on-line class would help me get a little ahead, since I'm a slow learner.

Nancy, AZ

Traveling to Italy

Ciao, Love this course. I am traveling to Italy and I am learning so much. I might be able to have a full conversation. I wish I would have started earlier since I leave in 7 weeks. I'm going to tell my friend about you guys. I think I might come back and take the french course also, love that it is online. Best part for me is that I have difficulty sleeping and I can take it during that time. I RECOMMEND the Italian course and I love the format of the lessons. Grazie for this opportunity.

Eve, CA

Helped a lot

I'm satisfied with everything on the website actually , its very effective way to learn some new terms , the games are definitely a big help to me. It has helped a lot as far as talking to my mother in law because she doesn't speak English so when me and her are talking about things occasionally that require me using a medical term !


Repetition is the key

Yo mucho gusto tu clase! I don't know if that's right. I really do love your class, and it does help alot to have the games. Repetition is the key... There are some things I retain better than others, and some things like equivacado and conocerlo and devuelva ~ I can't seem to make myself say correctly... It is a little frustrating, but ~ repetition is the key! I'm very positive about this. I am in accounting/customer service in Texas and about 40% of our customers calling in are Spanish speaking (about 20% Spanish speaking with little to no understanding of English). I took this particular class with my step daughter because she is in the teaching field, but I knew benefit me also! I was right. The first time I was able to tell a customer on the phone "lo ciento, el no esta disponible por el momento", it kind of made me feel warm and fuzzy. hahaha. I have been in the service industry for many years and have picked up small amounts of spanish here and there... This is different, and I really do enjoy it. I definitely do print out the vocabulary on every lesson, but I don't really have anyone to do the flash cards with unfortunately. I LOVE hangman and tic tac toe. Concentration is a little more challenging, but still fun.


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