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Community outreach with Spanish Training For Departments

Supplement my prior education in Spanish

It was a very good course and did a wonderful job to supplement my prior education in Spanish.

Kelly, MN

In Law Enforcement

This course is exactly what I was looking for. I am in Law Enforcement and have been coming across more Spanish speakers and I do not speak Spanish. I am taking this course and now I can have a conversation and understand. I can't wait to learn more.

Fred, MI

Great course

Great course!!

Earnest, CO

German Online Course

I am taking your German online course, wow I did not think I could learn a new language at my age. I was wrong, I love your games it helps me with retention. The flash cards are my favorite, I use them everyday. Best part I can decide what time of day I can do my flash cards, thank you.

Annette, NC

My students and I went to Italy

My students and I went to Italy last month. I decided to try your course and really enjoyed it. I suggested to my students to take your course and non of us were sad. Many of my students have Facebook friends from their trip to Italy. it was a great experience.

Katelyn, FL

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