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Community outreach with Spanish Training For Departments

Great format

Great format. I am learning how to communicate with the parents of my students.

Mike, AR

Take notes

Thank you for the words of encouragement. I am not working right now and currently looking for a job as a retail manager and so I thought this would be a good class for me to begin speaking Spanish. I grew up in Miami Beach and took Spanish as my language course, but through the years I forgot most of it. I am almost finished with lesson 4 which is beginning to get more difficult. I think it is matter of practicing to remember the phrases. Once I can figure out patterns in words and phrases, I am better able to retain the sentences. I think that this course will help me once I get back to work as long as I am diligent about practicing and going over my notes. And I do take notes for each lesson so that I can practice. Through lesson 4, I do think the sentences are relevant for the retail environment.


Loved it

I loved it! so helpful!

Rubi, St Paul, MN

Jim, CO

Enjoying the course very much. A few pronunciation sounds are difficult to catch through this online method, but I am learning so much!

Enjoying the course very much

Given me more confidence and built my vocabulary

I enjoyed the course. I have 12 years of Spanish background so a lot was review for me. I am stil la little weak with speaking it but feel this course has given me more confidence and built my vocabulary.

Jeanne, WA

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