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The course is helpful because I can use it at any time. I'm learning new words.

Aramis, FL

Convenient and interesting

I like the course very much. It is convenient and interesting and easy to use. I am trying to cram in the class in a short amount of time since I need to have it for my police license and a major facility emergency prevented me from starting the class earlier. I intend on going through it a few more times after I finish the class so I am better able to retain everything. The class has motivated me to take regular spanish classes after I complete this class. I think that it's early in the game to make a determination on whether it is going too fast but it's definitely not too slow, especially at the pace that I would like to work on it right now.


Increasing my vocabulary

The Spanish for Healthcare course is very helpful. I am fluent in Spanish, but this course is increasing my vocabulary and helping me perfect my translation skills.


Love to see more

I like the course and I would love to see more words for tests and procedures like x-ray, sonogram, CT, PET, CBC, etc

Reyna, CO

Good work

Keep up the good work, I would like to see an next level to the Spanish for healthcare. I would like to extend my vocabulary further. I like the self pace method and how I can go back as often as I want to take lessons. So if I do not do well I re-take the lesson and test.

Jack, FL

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