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Spanish for Healthcare
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Unit 1: Foundations for Spanish care

Lesson 1: Alphabet mastery


Lesson 2: Pronoun essentials


Lesson 4: Question crafting


Lesson 5: Conversation starters


Lesson 6: Prepositions and possessives


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 2: Welcome

Lesson 1: Introductions in healthcare


Lesson 2: Patient check-in procedures


Lesson 3: Basic greetings in healthcare


Lesson 4: Communicating with limited spanish


Lesson 5: Clarification and understanding


Lesson 6: Guiding patients through the office


Lesson 7: Handling calls in healthcare


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 3: Collecting a patient's information

Lesson 1: Personal information


Lesson 2: Work information


Lesson 4: What identification do you have?


Lesson 5: Everyday expressions


Lesson 6: Fun expressions


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 4: Questions for patients

Lesson 1: Lifestyle and habits


Lesson 2: Symptoms and conditions


Lesson 3: Specific health concerns


Lesson 4: Allergic reactions and skin conditions


Lesson 5: Sexual health and history


Lesson 6: Mental health and family history


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 5: Evaluating a patient

Lesson 1: Initial examination procedures


Lesson 2: Assessing respiratory function


Lesson 3: Medical history and current medications


Lesson 4: Discussing specific health issues


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 6: Diagnosing pain

Lesson 1: Identifying the location and type of pain


Lesson 2: Understanding pain intensity and duration


Lesson 3: Activities at onset of pain


Lesson 4: Describing pain sensations


Lesson 5: Frequency and severity of pain


Lesson 6: Effectiveness of pain management


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 7: Medical terms

Lesson 1: Conditions and diseases


Lesson 2: Additional health conditions


Lesson 4: Assessing symptoms


Lesson 5: Diabetes and blood pressure


Lesson 6: Other health issues and accidents


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 8: Working with a patient

Lesson 1: Utilizing medical equipment


Lesson 2: Handling medical supplies


Lesson 3: Assisting patients effectively


Lesson 4: Preparatory steps for examination


Lesson 5: Investigating the cause of injury


Lesson 6: Basic patient interaction and examination


Lesson 7: Advanced diagnostic procedures


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 9: Gathering patient information

Lesson 1: Inquiries on gastrointestinal symptoms


Lesson 2: Diarrhea and hydration status


Lesson 3: Instructions for patient compliance


Lesson 4: Physical response checks


Lesson 5: Patient positioning and movement control


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 10: The family

Lesson 1: Identifying family members


Lesson 2: Clarifying relationships


Lesson 3: Determining family connections


Lesson 4: Extended relatives and social relations


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 11: Body parts

Lesson 1: Anatomy of the head


Lesson 2: Upper limb structure


Lesson 3: Lower limb anatomy


Lesson 4: Vital internal organs


Lesson 5: Reproductive organs


Lesson 6: Various other bodily elements


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 12: Medications and drugs

Lesson 1: Common medications


Lesson 2: Prescription medicines


Lesson 3: Proper medicine storage


Lesson 4: Various forms of medication


Lesson 5: Illegal substances


Lesson 6: Street names for drugs


Lesson 7: Discussing drug usage


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 13: Accidents

Lesson 1: Vehicle-related incidents


Lesson 2: Determining the driver or passenger


Lesson 3: Addressing burns


Lesson 4: Handling bites and stings


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 14: Maternity care

Lesson 1: Maternal medical history


Lesson 2: Pregnancy complications


Lesson 3: Pregnancy confirmation


Lesson 4: Monitoring for bleeding


Lesson 5: Previous maternity experiences


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 15: Numerical insights

Lesson 1: Counting fundamentals


Lesson 2: The teen sequence


Lesson 3: Tens to a hundred


Lesson 4: The hundred series


Lesson 5: Thousands to tens of thousands


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 16: Temporal expressions

Lesson 1: Days and dates


Lesson 2: Months and years


Lesson 3: Time frames and periods


Lesson 4: Clock times and appointments


Lesson 5: Frequency and timing


Lesson 6: Weather and seasons


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 17: Expressing discomfort

Lesson 1: Articulating aches


Lesson 2: Signals of sickness


Lesson 3: Alarming symptoms


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 18: Directions and chromatics

Lesson 1: Directions and locations


Lesson 2: Indoor navigation


Lesson 3: Compass points and orientation


Lesson 4: Colors and identification


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 19: Contrasts and comparisons

Lesson 1: Basic descriptors and contrasts


Lesson 2: Comparative attributes and actions


Lesson 3: Opposites and conditions


Lesson 4: Qualitative expressions


Lesson 5: Emotional and state descriptors


Lesson 6: Textures, weather, and extremes


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 20: Healthcare math and measurements

Lesson 2: Dosage calculations


Lesson 3: Volume and length


Lesson 4: Weight and capacity


Lesson 5: Medication measurement


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 21: Pediatrics comforts

Lesson 1: Brave little moments


Lesson 2: Parental peace of mind


Lesson 3: Family connections


Unit Review


Unit Test


Final Test

Spanish for Healthcare Final


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