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Spanish for Teachers

Spanish for Teachers

The Power of Spanish: Empowering Educators to Teach with Passion and Precision

Are you a teacher looking to expand your skills and connect with your Spanish-speaking students on a deeper level? Look no further than Spanish for Teachers! Our comprehensive curriculum and personalized approach will help you master the language and transform your classroom into a vibrant, inclusive space. From grammar and vocabulary to cultural immersion, we've got you covered. Sign up today and take the first step towards becoming a more effective, empathetic educator!

Spanish skills can bridge communication gaps between Spanish-speaking students and their teachers. Schools can improve communication, build stronger relationships with Hispanic families by providing Spanish training for teachers, and create a more inclusive learning environment.

Break through Cultural Barriers

Spanish for teachers can enhance cultural competence. Understanding the language and culture of Spanish-speaking students can help teachers better to understand their experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds. This can help teachers create more culturally responsive lesson plans, tailor instruction to meet the needs of their students, and ultimately improve student engagement and achievement.

Spanish for teachers can also benefit educators who work with Spanish-speaking students outside of the classroom. For example, administrators, school counselors, and support staff can benefit from learning Spanish, as it can help them better communicate with students and their families, provide support and resources, and ultimately improve student outcomes.

By improving communication, enhancing cultural competence, and providing support to Spanish-speaking students and their families, Spanish training can help to create more inclusive and effective learning environments.

Empowering your Teaching with Spanish

We developed a specialized language learning platform, taking you, the professional, into consideration. MySpanishTeacher is an online interactive language learning system that allows students to learn essential vocabulary used daily at work. MySpanishTeacher is a flexible program that you can access 24/7, leaving you to decide when and where to study as long as you have access to the internet.

To receive your certificate, complete the following: Spend 15 hours online (the program automatically tracks your time) and complete the online course assessments with 70% or higher. (you may re-take a test anytime)

Do you have parents or students that could use a little help learning English? Here is a free ESL resource.

Student certificate

What is Included in the Training?

  • Receive a certificate of completion upon completion
  • Accessible 24/7, making Spanish learning fit into a busy working schedule and in the comfort of your home
  • Support hub 24/7 available - ask your licensed instructor any questions over your professional course material and training. Real teacher contact!
  • Unlimited access of course material
  • Great Success rates, Check out our student testimonials page!
  • Custom alerts to track your progress through the Spanish course. (weekly, daily word of the day)
  • Affordable course to develop your career and Spanish skills
  • No software to download. Use a standard internet browser on desktop or mobile

Annual License – Empower Staff Members with Spanish Skills

This Spanish course is also available as an Annual Subscription License. We are dedicated to reaching as many working professionals as possible to provide functional interactive Spanish training while sharpening professional development. Therefore, we have created a simple, attractive structure to make this Spanish course accessible to the workplace and enterprise.

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Table of Contents: Spanish for Teachers Course

Unit 1: Spanish essentials

Lesson 1: Alphabet mastery
Lesson 2: Pronoun essentials
Lesson 3: Article usage
Lesson 4: Question crafting
Lesson 5: Conversation starters
Lesson 6: Prepositions and possessives

Unit 2: School life and language

Lesson 1: School roles revealed
Lesson 2: Daily duties
Lesson 3: Navigating the school
Lesson 4: Directions and locations
Lesson 5: Core subjects
Lesson 6: Beyond the Basics

Unit 3: Welcoming a new family

Lesson 1: Hello
Lesson 2: I can speak a little Spanish
Lesson 3: Slow down so I understand you
Lesson 4: Welcome to our school
Lesson 5: Receiving a call

Unit 4: Registering a student

Lesson 1: Personal information
Lesson 2: Work information
Lesson 3: Family status
Lesson 4: What identification do you have?
Lesson 5: Everyday expressions
Lesson 6: Fun expressions

Unit 5: Number by number

Lesson 1: Counting fundamentals
Lesson 2: The teen sequence
Lesson 3: Tens to a hundred
Lesson 4: The hundred series
Lesson 5: Thousands to tens of thousands

Unit 6: When? Dates and times

Lesson 1: Days and dates
Lesson 2: Months and years
Lesson 3: Time frames and periods
Lesson 4: Clock times and appointments
Lesson 5: Frequency and timing
Lesson 6: Weather and seasons

Unit 7: Working with a student

Lesson 1: Explaining assignments
Lesson 2: Giving directions
Lesson 3: Assignment completion check
Lesson 4: Classroom management
Lesson 5: Addressing tardiness and absence
Lesson 6: Encouraging student input

Unit 8: Parent/teacher conference

Lesson 1: Attendance problems
Lesson 2: We need your help in the class
Lesson 3: Student's strengths
Lesson 4: A positive attitude

Unit 9: Talking with a parent

Lesson 1: Poor working habits
Lesson 2: Progress in class
Lesson 3: Conduct at school
Lesson 4: Report card
Lesson 5: Attending school
Lesson 6: Work with your child

Unit 10: Family and actions

Lesson 1: Can you introduce me?
Lesson 2: Relatives and family members
Lesson 3: Action verbs

Unit 11: Inside the classroom

Lesson 1: Classroom materials
Lesson 2: School supplies
Lesson 3: Classroom furniture

Unit 12: Navigating classroom language

Lesson 1: Academic vocabulary
Lesson 2: Communicative phrases in class
Lesson 3: Educational concepts
Lesson 4: Study and assignment terms

Unit 13: Directions and colors

Lesson 1: Directions and locations
Lesson 2: Indoor navigation
Lesson 3: Compass points and orientation
Lesson 4: Colors and identification

Unit 14: Academic fundamentals

Lesson 1: Grammar essentials
Lesson 2: Exploring language arts
Lesson 3: Understanding social studies
Lesson 4: Geometric shapes in math
Lesson 5: Key mathematical concepts

Unit 15: Mathematics and measurement

Lesson 1: Ranking orders
Lesson 2: Basic math operations
Lesson 3: Measuring items
Lesson 4: Quantitative assessments

Unit 16: Exploring STEM Fields

Lesson 1: Fundamentals of science
Lesson 2: Science lab equipment
Lesson 3: The world of art and drama
Lesson 4: Musical elements and instruments
Lesson 5: Navigating through technology

Unit 17: Play and athletics

Lesson 1: Team dynamics
Lesson 2: Overview of sports
Lesson 3: Sporting equipment
Lesson 4: Enjoying recess
Lesson 5: Physical actions in sports

Unit 18: Contrasts and comparisons

Lesson 1: Basic descriptors and contrasts
Lesson 2: Comparative attributes and actions
Lesson 3: Opposites and conditions
Lesson 4: Qualitative expressions
Lesson 5: Emotional and state descriptors
Lesson 6: Textures, weather, and extremes

Unit 19: At the school nurse's office

Lesson 1: First visit to the nurse
Lesson 2: Common complaints and remedies
Lesson 3: Communication with guardians
Lesson 4: Returning to class or going home

Unit 20: Emergency response in school

Lesson 1: Identifying school emergencies
Lesson 2: First aid fundamentals
Lesson 3: Detailed anatomy for school emergencies
Lesson 4: Coordinating with emergency services

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