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Spanish for Teachers
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Unit 1: Spanish essentials

Lesson 1: Alphabet mastery


Lesson 2: Pronoun essentials


Lesson 4: Question crafting


Lesson 5: Conversation starters


Lesson 6: Prepositions and possessives


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 2: School life and language

Lesson 1: School roles revealed


Lesson 3: Navigating the school


Lesson 4: Directions and locations


Lesson 6: Beyond the Basics


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 3: Welcoming a new family

Lesson 2: I can speak a little Spanish


Lesson 3: Slow down so I understand you


Lesson 4: Welcome to our school


Lesson 5: Receiving a call


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 4: Registering a student

Lesson 1: Personal information


Lesson 2: Work information


Lesson 4: What identification do you have?


Lesson 5: Everyday expressions


Lesson 6: Fun expressions


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 5: Number by number

Lesson 1: Counting fundamentals


Lesson 2: The teen sequence


Lesson 3: Tens to a hundred


Lesson 4: The hundred series


Lesson 5: Thousands to tens of thousands


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 6: When? Dates and times

Lesson 1: Days and dates


Lesson 2: Months and years


Lesson 3: Time frames and periods


Lesson 4: Clock times and appointments


Lesson 5: Frequency and timing


Lesson 6: Weather and seasons


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 7: Working with a student

Lesson 1: Explaining assignments


Lesson 2: Giving directions


Lesson 3: Assignment completion check


Lesson 4: Classroom management


Lesson 5: Addressing tardiness and absence


Lesson 6: Encouraging student input


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 8: Parent/teacher conference

Lesson 1: Attendance problems


Lesson 2: We need your help in the class


Lesson 3: Student's strengths


Lesson 4: A positive attitude


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 9: Talking with a parent

Lesson 1: Poor working habits


Lesson 2: Progress in class


Lesson 3: Conduct at school


Lesson 5: Attending school


Lesson 6: Work with your child


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 10: Family and actions

Lesson 1: Can you introduce me?


Lesson 2: Relatives and family members


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 11: Inside the classroom

Lesson 1: Classroom materials


Lesson 2: School supplies


Lesson 3: Classroom furniture


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 12: Navigating classroom language

Lesson 1: Academic vocabulary


Lesson 2: Communicative phrases in class


Lesson 3: Educational concepts


Lesson 4: Study and assignment terms


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 13: Directions and colors

Lesson 1: Directions and locations


Lesson 2: Indoor navigation


Lesson 3: Compass points and orientation


Lesson 4: Colors and identification


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 14: Academic fundamentals

Lesson 1: Grammar essentials


Lesson 2: Exploring language arts


Lesson 3: Understanding social studies


Lesson 4: Geometric shapes in math


Lesson 5: Key mathematical concepts


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 15: Mathematics and measurement

Lesson 1: Ranking orders


Lesson 2: Basic math operations


Lesson 3: Measuring items


Lesson 4: Quantitative assessments


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 16: Exploring STEM Fields

Lesson 1: Fundamentals of science


Lesson 2: Science lab equipment


Lesson 3: The world of art and drama


Lesson 4: Musical elements and instruments


Lesson 5: Navigating through technology


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 17: Play and athletics

Lesson 2: Overview of sports


Lesson 3: Sporting equipment


Lesson 4: Enjoying recess


Lesson 5: Physical actions in sports


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 18: Contrasts and comparisons

Lesson 1: Basic descriptors and contrasts


Lesson 2: Comparative attributes and actions


Lesson 3: Opposites and conditions


Lesson 4: Qualitative expressions


Lesson 5: Emotional and state descriptors


Lesson 6: Textures, weather, and extremes


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 19: At the school nurse's office

Lesson 1: First visit to the nurse


Lesson 2: Common complaints and remedies


Lesson 3: Communication with guardians


Lesson 4: Returning to class or going home


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 20: Emergency response in school

Lesson 1: Identifying school emergencies


Lesson 2: First aid fundamentals


Lesson 3: Detailed anatomy for school emergencies


Lesson 4: Coordinating with emergency services


Unit Review


Unit Test


Final Test

Spanish for Teachers Final


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