Frequently Asked Questions

How do these courses differ from other language courses?

Our interactive, audio-visual language courses are brought to you by our exclusive "Lengua Link System". The courses are conducted completely online and are customized to teach phrases and vocabulary.

While other language courses focus on grammar and language structure, our online courses provide the specific tools you need to understand and communicate with from day 1.

For assistance, support, and personal responses to your questions concerning the course, you can email your teacher at any time.

All you need is an internet connection to get started on the lessons, play vocabulary games, practice with flash cards, answer online worksheets, conduct reviews, take quizzes and tests. All course materials are available to you online for the entire course term.

What Spanish dialect do you teach?

We teamed up with teachers from Mexico, Central and South America to provide the Spanish that is understood by as many people as possible.

How long do I have access to the online course?

You will be granted unlimited access to all the lessons, reviews, tests and activities for six months. On average, our students complete the course in four months, spending an average of two hours per week practicing their skills.

Are there any additional books or materials required?

All materials are included online. There are no additional books or materials required. We provide you with all the materials you need online. You can print out your vocabulary lists to study when you are away from the computer.

What are the course prerequisites?

The courses are open to anyone and no previous knowledge is required. However, students must be 18 years old to take any of our Public Safety Courses.

How do I register for the course?

To register, click enroll and choose your specific course. Then fill out your personal information and choose your method of payment. Once you have registered and payment has been received you can take lessons immediately.

Do I receive payment verification?

Yes. When we receive your payment, we will activate your account immediately. We will send you a receipt via email and you can start the course.

Can I share my account with others?

Your account is for you only; please do not share your account with someone else. The course is designed to only keep records for one student. If you share your account your performance information will not be accurate or valid.

What is "my personal dashboard"?

After you log on and click "My Lessons," your personal dashboard is located above the units and lessons. The dashboard displays your time spent interacting in the course, your test scores, your attendance, and other personal information. This area helps to keep you organized and on track.

Do the courses follow a pre-set path?

This course is completely self-directed. You can jump around to any of the lessons, games or tests. Focus on the vocabulary that you need in your specific situation. The only exception is the final test. You must complete and pass (70% grade or higher) all the unit tests before you can take the final exam.

Are lessons or tests conducted on a specific schedule?

This course is completely self-directed. You are free to take lessons and tests as often as you like. Each computer- generated test is different, never repeating the same test twice. You can print out your test results for study away from the computer.

Can I take the lessons anytime of the day?

Absolutely -- our course is available 24/7.

Will I be able to repeat lessons?

Yes. Because this program is 100% self-directed, you can repeat any lesson in any order and as often as you need.

How do I take lessons?

Enter your log-on ID and password. Once logged in, click on the tab on the menu bar for "My Lessons." You will then see the units listed on the left side. Choose a unit and the lessons will appear on the right side. Select a topic then click on "Take a Lesson" to get started.

How do I print out a lesson?

Below each lesson there is a "Print/View vocab." Click this link to print out a lesson to be studied away from the computer.

What if I have a question about the lesson?

You can email your teacher whenever you have a question.

How is active lesson time monitored?

Your lesson time is recorded automatically through our "Lengua Link System" when you are interacting with the lessons and course. Idle time (time without any lesson interaction) is not included in your total time online.

How do I access the unit tests?

You will find the unit tests on the right hand side below all the lessons. Click "Take the Unit Test" and get started. You can take a unit test prior to taking the lesson to measure your knowledge level and then re-take the test after completing the lesson. We record only your highest grade.

How do I access the final exam?

The final exam is located on the left side under all the units. Once you have completed all the unit tests you are allowed to take the final exam. You are allowed to re-take the final exam. We record only your highest grade.

Can I re-take a test?

Yes. You can retake a test anytime and we will record only your highest score.

How do I print my certificate of completion?

To receive your certificate, you must complete all unit tests and the final exam with a score of 70% or better AND complete a minimum of 15 hours online in the course. The certificate will display your grade and total time spent in the course.

Once you meet the requirements of the course, you are able to print your certificate of completion. Go to the "My Lessons" page. Next to your grade and time is a drop down list that reads "I want to", click on it and select to print your certificate. You can still print your certificate even after your account has expired.

Why can't I print my certificate of completion?

Have you completed all the unit tests and final exam? Have you completed the required number of hours? You cannot print your certificate until these are complete.

Can I print out my course information?

Yes. A 'Printer friendly' link is located on the top of your Progress Report and Report Card pages.

I do not want to receive the Word of the Day anymore

To turn off this feature, log into your account, and then click My Info on the top menu bar. A screen will appear which allows you to turn off "Word of the Day."

How do I log out?

Click log out on the top menu bar.

Can I renew or extend my course?

Yes. Many of our students appreciate the opportunity to extend their existing account and continue the same language course.

If I go on vacation or a business trip can I continue the course?

As long as you have access to an Internet connection you are able to continue your lessons and activities from any location in the world. If this is not possible, you can catch up on your lessons at a time more convenient for you.

How do I change my log-on ID?

You will need to email us to change your log-on ID.

How do I change my password?

Log on and go to "My Lessons," in your personal dashboard you will find "My Password," click the "Change" link and update.

How do I change my email address?

Log on and go to "My Lessons," in your personal dashboard you will find "My Email Address," click the "Change" link and update.

I forgot my password

You need to know your email address to retrieve your password. Click here to retrieve your password. You will receive your password via e-mail.

I forgot my log-on ID

You need to know your email address to retrieve your log-on ID. Click here to retrieve your log-on ID. You will receive your log-on ID via e-mail.

Can I drop the course?

Yes. You may drop the course within 14 days of registering and you will receive a refund.

I am having trouble accessing the lessons

Close all your browser windows. Log in one more time and try again. If you are still having trouble, please email us. In order for us to help you, we will need you to include as much information as you can. Please include the text of any error message you receive and indicate what you were trying to do when the error message appeared.

I do not have sound when taking a lesson

Make sure your speakers are turned on and plugged in. Also check your volume setting in Windows by clicking: Start > Programs > Accessories > Entertainment > Volume control. Make sure "Mute" or "Mute all" is not selected and then adjust the volume and balance controls to the levels you prefer. If you still do not have sound, your PC may have anti-virus or anti-spyware programs that may be blocking some of the content. Try turning off your anti-virus or anti-spyware functions and see if this resolves the problem. If this resolves the problem, try setting your antivirus or anti spyware at a level that allows the content of our courses to be accessed by your computer. If you still do not have sound, please email us.

What browsers do you support?

We are compatible with all major browsers in use today. We have tested our site with the latest versions of Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Google Chrome, and Opera. Internet Explorer is not recommended.

What are the technical requirements for this website? works with PCs, MACs, iPads, iPhones, Android, Nexus, most tablets and all major internet browsers.

I need technical support

If you have technical problems with this website, you can contact tech support.

Can I get another administrator account for my group account?

Yes. Each additional administrator is only $99. Contact us to activate another administrator.

Do you still have a question? Please contact us.

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