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Community outreach with Spanish Training For Departments

Great Spanish course for teachers

I use the phrases daily when communicating with spanish speaking students at my school and staff at my daughters school. Greetings, answering questions, and most especially I understand so much of the replies and can respond appropriately.


It works great for our credit union

We have been using the services of the MySpanishTeacher’s training for the past several years for the tellers at our credit union. It has been very valuable as it is our desire to have our Spanish Speaking Tellers feel comfortable speaking the “Spanish banking language”. Even though they may speak fluent Spanish, adding the “banking language” has been an asset for them and for our members. We appreciate this type of training!!!


Easy to retain the vocabulary and was an amazing site to work with

Good to hear from you! The Spanish course I took was very easy to retain the vocabulary and was an amazing site to work with, it was very put together and simple and not as confusing as other ones I’ve seen. In this course we definitely learned a lot that will Be used in the future speaking with kids and parents. The site was not too fast or too slow for me I personally think that it gives a lot of information for somebody that has not taken any type of Spanish course And it’s all self paced which is super helpful for a lot of people. Which on my end I have taken three years of Spanish classes so that might be the reason why I finished so quickly.


Bethpage Federal Credit Union

Thank you so much! I had a lot of fun, and I am sad that it is over honestly. I will utilize the resources for sure. I will absolutely recommend the course to co-workers!


Ypsilanti Community Schools

I enjoyed taking the course. I like that we have access even after completing the lesson so I can go back and practice. What worked for me is printing the vocabulary out for each unit/lesson and practicing with my Spanish speaking students. I liked that each lesson had informational facts about the Spanish language and/or culture. The hardest thing for me is the pronunciation and using the vocabulary in complete sentences.


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