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Community outreach with Spanish Training For Departments

French was better for my trip to Europe

Bonjour Adriana-Just returned from my 2 1/2 weeks in Europe. I was able to use simple French more easily because I brushed up using this course. At least they knew I was trying and I felt more welcomed! Thanks again for your help. Merci


Excellent way to learn Spanish

I find it an excellent way to learn!

Theresa, IA

I love this healthcare Spanish course

I love this healthcare Spanish course. I have found myself using the Spanish words I have been thought, using them more with confidence. The other day I realized that speaking Spanish doesn't necessarily translate to medical. I had a patients family trying to translate what the doctor diagnosed her family member with, and she was having so much trouble translating. The Doctor knows I understand Spanish and that I was taking your course, he had me translate again, due to learning the correct wording translation, I received a job well done recognition from the nurse, and doctor, because it was so fluent and professional!

Alicia, CO

I like this Spanish course

I like it, up to a point. there is a lot of good content and phrases but I find the delivery a little tedious and slow. Of course, I understand, if the person repeating the phrases was going too fast I would not catch anything however it is a little monotonous. I feel like if they were some visual stimulus, funny pictures or pictures that show something that rhymes with a word, I would pick up more. I do appreciate that it takes a lot of work to make a course, perhaps something for the visual learner would help a lot. Thanks so much.

Mairead, CO

It has been a great Spanish course

Thanks Adriana. Perhaps I would enjoy a more advanced course sometime in the future. I really enjoyed the lessons online. It has been great!


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