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I like this Spanish course

I like it, up to a point. there is a lot of good content and phrases but I find the delivery a little tedious and slow. Of course, I understand, if the person repeating the phrases was going too fast I would not catch anything however it is a little monotonous. I feel like if they were some visual stimulus, funny pictures or pictures that show something that rhymes with a word, I would pick up more. I do appreciate that it takes a lot of work to make a course, perhaps something for the visual learner would help a lot. Thanks so much.

Mairead, CO

It has been a great Spanish course

Thanks Adriana. Perhaps I would enjoy a more advanced course sometime in the future. I really enjoyed the lessons online. It has been great!


Spanish training helped a lot

The course has helped a lot. I haven't been able to use it in the real world that much, but I do pick up on things that people around me are saying. I printed out all the material so I'll be able to keep practicing after my course subscription ends. Thanks for putting together a good course.


This course is great, I’m using it to bolster my resume

Buenas noches Adriana, This course is great, I’m using it to bolster my resume. I work in financial services although not in retail banking. I believe students will certainly advance their Spanish with the course as it is. That said, with as much context as the multiple choice options provide, your students may be further challenged with Hangman for phrases. For me Hangman is a challenging exercise that really insists the student recall what’s being asked of them, with very little assistance. But again, this course is great as-is. I’ve not printed any of the vocabulary. Instead I’m keeping track of which chapters are my most challenging, and will focus on those in these last six or so study hours. Lastly, I have indeed used some of this new vocabulary. With my wife!


I L-O-V-E this course

Good Morning!! I L-O-V-E this course, it is so much fun. I'm getting better and better with practice. My favorites to learn are: numbers, colors, months of the year and directions. I have trouble with the, what? where? when? which? who? and how? So, I'm concentrating on those words the most, but I will continue to work hard on this course. Until I talk to you again....Tenga un buen dia!!



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