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Spanish for Customer Service
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Unit 1: First things first

Lesson 2: Learn the pronouns


Lesson 4: Key question starters


Lesson 5: Building blocks of conversation


Lesson 6: Navigating prepositions and possessives


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 2: Number by number

Lesson 1: Numbers 0 through 10


Lesson 2: Numbers 11 through 20


Lesson 3: Numbers 10 through 100


Lesson 4: Numbers 100 through 1000


Lesson 5: Numbers 1000 through 10,000


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 3: When? Dates and times

Lesson 1: Days and dates


Lesson 2: Months and years


Lesson 3: Time frames and periods


Lesson 4: Clock times and appointments


Lesson 5: Frequency and timing


Lesson 6: Weather and seasons


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 4: Greeting a client

Lesson 1: Basic greetings and courtesies


Lesson 2: Essential Spanish for customer interaction


Lesson 3: Enhancing clarity in communication


Lesson 4: Basic communication skills


Lesson 5: Providing assistance


Lesson 6: Telephone etiquette


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 5: Gathering customer information

Lesson 1: Navigating personal details


Lesson 2: Professional profiles explored


Lesson 3: Understanding family dynamics


Lesson 4: Identifying with identification


Lesson 5: Everyday expressions


Lesson 6: Fun expressions


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 6: Arithmetic and measurements

Lesson 1: Ordinal numbers


Lesson 2: Arithmetic terms


Lesson 3: Size measurement


Lesson 4: Quantity measurement


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 7: Directions and colors

Lesson 1: Directions and locations


Lesson 2: Navigating Inside spaces


Lesson 3: Compass points and orientation


Lesson 4: Colors and identification


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 8: Hot and cold. Words that are opposites

Lesson 1: Basic descriptors and contrasts


Lesson 2: Comparative attributes and actions


Lesson 3: Opposites and conditions


Lesson 4: Qualitative expressions


Lesson 5: Emotional and state descriptors


Lesson 6: Textures, weather, and extremes


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 9: Working with a customer

Lesson 1: Customer service comes first


Lesson 2: Taking a payment


Lesson 4: Gathering financial information


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 10: Serving the customer

Lesson 1: The services we offer


Lesson 2: Good customer service


Lesson 3: Customer complaints


Lesson 4: Correcting a problem


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 11: Account payment options

Lesson 1: Payment methods and platforms


Lesson 2: Account details and billing


Lesson 3: Bill payment options and support


Lesson 4: Service inquiries and procedures


Lesson 5: Key questions for safe deposit box use


Lesson 6: Safe deposit box terms and protocols


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 13: Around the office

Lesson 1: Office equipment


Lesson 2: Office supplies


Lesson 3: I am looking for a stapler


Lesson 4: Office furniture


Lesson 5: How long have you worked in this field?


Lesson 6: Looking for work


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 15: Returns, refunds and warranty

Lesson 2: Manufacturer's warranty


Lesson 3: Warranty expired


Unit Review


Unit Test


Final Test

Spanish for Customer Service Final


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